champagne supernova
2003-09-30 04:05:19 (UTC)

eat fresh

well...i think i might have got that job at subway ! i
wont know for sure for another 3 days but im keeping my
fingers crossed my interview went really well today so i
hope i got it.i really need the mula~. gotta save !!! so i
recently had a falling out with chris, sorry about that ,
we just didnt se eye to eye on trying to make our points.
and no...i dont hate u!! what a thing to say chris!! i do
believe things are good right now in my life, senior year
is breezin',and im happy. i just am. nothing particularly
bad has happened recently. i.e., the other day my mom and i
were driving down whittier blvd, all the way from la habra,
and i had gotten a green flat, just plain candy lime
flavored sucker from my grandmas resturant, now i have been
eating these suckers since i was freaking 2 years old. and
i hadnt eaten one in a long time , so were driving , and i
was eating it... when i closed my eyes...and i totally got
taken back to my childhood, and it was fabulous! i loved
it ! i sat there for like 5 minutes with my eyes
closed...and that got me thinking about everything thats
happened these past for years thats been good in my life...
i stuck my hand outt he windown anad just felt the breeze
and had now worries.
i loved it i was so thankful to be where i am and be so
fortunate to have everyone thats in my life and everyone
that i love and care i want everyone that readds
this to know, i do care about you and u , whether u know it
or not have made an impact somehow in my life, and i just
wanted to say thank you. becasue u helped me add up these
memories and i love them all. so thanks for all the impacts.

word: love
song :colorful, by the verve pipe
phrase: look as far ahead as you can see. we live in drama
but we'll die in a comedy