Euphoric Nothingness
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2003-09-30 03:47:43 (UTC)

My Refreshing Weekend

What a difference a few days, a little rest, and one super
kick ass concert can make. As of late, I have been
dealing with a lot of personal issues. I had the whole
saga with the truck being broken into and being repaired.
Then, I had to deal with my security deposit from the old
apartment complex being lost. But now I have fixed that
and taken care of all those problems.

In the past two weeks, I had been feeling some stress and
strain on my body. I was tired, frustrated, and felt
unmotivated. I slept in twice when I was supposed to be
at the Library at 7:30. I was having trouble staying
awake in my Congress class. The long day Tuesday seemed
to never end for the past two Tuesdays. It has been a
rough and stressful semester so far.

However, I think I may have found a remedy. I had my
first test on Friday, in early English History. I
prepared for it and went to class early for the last
minute study session. I walked in, sat down, relaxed,
took my time, and got myself a much needed A. I
desperately needed that first A. So now, I have an a
47/50 on my first Italian quiz and an A on my first true
test of the semester.

But this week is one of those "Big Test" weeks. I have a
test on Wednesday in the Congress class and a test on
Thursday in Stat Quality Control. Well at least I have a
study guide for the Congress class and the Stat Quality
Control test is open note and open book. You know this
could finally be MY breakout semester. This is probably
the best oppurtunity I have had thus far (well except last
Fall) to get my prized 4.0. I came so close a year ago (3
A's and a B ) as well as in the Spring (5 classes 3.5
GPA). I know how it feels to be on the brink of
perfection. This time I don't want to mess it up. I want
straight A's and I want them more than anyone can possib;y

Well after that little tangent, back to the weekend. I
saw Cabin Fever on Friday night. If you like horror
movies that are so cheesey that they end up being
comedies, well that's a good movie to see. Otherwise, it
simply sucked.

And compared to Saturday night, that movie really sucked.
On Saturday, I got to see Blue Oyster Cult for FREE!!!
Wow what a show. It was totally worth ditching everyone
on Saturday night, going to downtown alone, and doing
something for myself. They were very good and definitely
seemed very into the show. As the show went on and I was
singing along, I could just feel the stress and strain
dissipating. Then I got 10 hours of sleep that night,
took it easy on Sunday, and now I feel like I am getting
back to the things I do best.

This was definitely the type of weekend that I needed.
And now I have the next 2 Saturdays off, which should only
help my situation. I am just hoping that the GRE in
August, which I put everything I had into, will not end up
hurting me at the end of the semester, when I need my
energy the most.

It is looking like this semester is going to be my most
difficult ever. However, I really do think that I can
make it all the way and get that 4.0 I crave so bad. This
semester will definitely test my strength, my endurance,
and most importantly, my heart. I just have to keep pure,
be strong and resiliant, put everything that I have into
school, and come everyday prepared the be the best Chris
that I can be........