taking heed

slightly exaggerated
2003-09-30 01:41:46 (UTC)

Ontario 'votes' 2003...

...but what for? tweedle dum or tweedle dee? broken
promises or shattered dreams? corruption or scandles?
privatization or tax cuts? NAFTA or globalization? the
status quo or tradition? health care spending cuts or
education spending cuts? higher tuition or higher

Yes Ontario, it is time to vote for your favourite (or
least hated) puppet on a string. The puppets that are
manipulated by the same hand high above the scene. So chose
wisely and marvel in wonderment at this wonderful system
called democracy. Where the people have the say. Where the
people are the priority. Right.

Some say you have no right to complain about the political
climate if you don't vote, to those people I say, "Fuck off
and watch me not complain."

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