would the world stop spinning
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2003-09-29 22:53:22 (UTC)

detroit here i come

woohoo the 4th through the 6th i'll be in detroit seeing
dashboard confessional live in concert... and i'm so
excited i could pee on myself.
had breakfast with aften this morning, first time i've sat
down and just talked to her since we broke up.i thought it
would hurt me a lil more than it did to see her. it was
really nice to just catch up... we talked about coffee
again sometime,i'd like that... i mean this is a person i
gave my heart and soul to for like two years almost. i
still would probably do anything for her if she needed it.
i mean that's been the biggest relationship i've ever had
and may ever have again. i know ill never love anyone the
same way,and jesus,really don't wanna. i'm extreamly happy
to see she's doing well...

more later.