The Nine Faces of Dave
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2003-09-29 04:36:48 (UTC)

drama-free in 2003

So I'm feeling better since my last entry. Whatever disease
I'd developed seems to be going away now. And my legs are a
lot better than they were yesterday. Plus I went to the gym
today and was able to ramp up my workout a little. So right
now things are going all right.

I've gotten pretty well caught up on my work, without nearly
as much busting-of-ass as I originally thought I would need;
in fact, in some ways, I'm ahead right now. I still have a
fair amount of reading to get through, and my art project is
not going to finish itself, but I don't anticipate that much
difficulty with anything.

Recently I've had a number of conversations with friends of
mine who happen to be involved in relationships, and they've
really helped me to feel better about my situation. People
in relationships seem more prone to drama, largely caused by
said relationship. The stuff people tell me makes me a real
piker by comparison, in the drama department anyway.

I have a friend whose significant other is controlling, and
somewhat psycho. Said friend is trying to call it quits on
the mess, without much luck. Another friend of mine was in
a fucked-up mess with some girl who was basically two-timing
him, and then split up with both him and the other fool for
some punk who was a friend of hers.

The point is, all I've got on these guys is failed attempts
at dating, one relationship that died before it started, and
some jive girl who was friendly at first and then wouldn't
return my calls. Let's face it, I've got no experience when
it comes to this sort of shit.

And I think that's a good thing. I wouldn't deal well with
drama, and it would probably do more to piss me off than get
me down. Furthermore, I'd probably develop a reputation as
being "hard to take" or some shit like that.

So I guess that's the big advantage of being single. None
of the bullshit associated with relationships comes your way
(except second-hand). For now, that's good enough for me.
No drama means more time to get shit done. And time is of
the essence in a major like mine.

But I suppose a relationship would still be nice.

This is Dave, signing off.