moe liljew

Could He be for me?
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2003-09-29 03:36:12 (UTC)

Interesting its almost Oct.

Yep thats about it, its almost October.
So yes very interesting. HAHAHA There is nothing wrong in
being light hearted! Some people need to learn how to chill
out and see the bigger picture in life. I mean geez how
long are you gonna be upset and angry and bitter... that
just adds more pain and hurt to your life. Love be happy...
find joy... find forgivness. And please realize the
hypocricies of your own life when you go to judge others.
That type of stuff comes back to bite you in the you know
And I hope you find Peace when sorting through all the
pettiness Christine. Hey follow the initials CAB take that
cab out of the stress and into contentment within yourself.
LOVE! And yes I LOVE YOU and you may be upset with me as
long as you live or want... but it doesnt have to effect my
veiw of you. Love ya my little ace ventura peaberry
drinking smiley face middle school buddy. heheh

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