The Faeries' Revenge
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2003-09-28 14:47:05 (UTC)

Dream 3: I'm spending WAY too much time in the computer lab...

It seemed late in the day, not the usual opening
time. I arrived early, like usual, to my job at the Rhodes
computer lab. The computer lab was located in a building
three stories tall with dark brick, an old building, like
the Art and English building in Framingham State College.
I opened the doors and flipped the lab lights on,
turning to flip off the screen savers on the North side of
the lab. All the computer desks had been askew, some
facing inward and some sideways. I growled and muttered
something I shouldn't be saying at work, and started
shoving the computers into place.
Just then Matt showed up for his shift and
said, "Whoah! What the hell...?"
"Some stupid frat prank," I grumbled, as Matt came
over to help me straighten out the desks.
When we finally got everything straightened, we
clicked on the computers and realized something was wrong--
when I hit the spacebar key on the computer in front of me,
the monitor behind it turned on, and vice versa. We
quickly realized that the frat boys had also switched the
cords for each pair of computers so the monitors were
connected the wrong computers.
As we were finishing switching everything back to
normal, Danielle called from the library computer
lab: "Everything's crazy here!" She said, "The computers
aren't responding to keyboard or mouse commands."
"Shit," I said, "Look at the computer behind it. Type
something on your computer and see if it shows up on that
"Oh.. yes, it did. What the hell?"
"Some stupid frat prank. I'll be right over."
I ran down to the library lab, which was in the
Science Center building instead of the library, and helped
Danielle switch the cords back to the right computers,
using the opportunity to chat with her and bitch about what
asses frat boys are, before heading back to work and waking

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