2003-09-28 04:24:14 (UTC)

tell your bitch she aint got to be mad at me


Cyrana gave me these AWESOME boots!!!! I really didnt
think they were guna fit my weird long feet but they DO!!
And theyre really tall and big and hot hooker boots I LOVE
THEM haha i'm wearing them with my boxers and tshirt

i love it here... i wish i could stay here... and he hasnt
called me ALL DAY cus i really pissed him off last night
hahaha yay i dont care

i was thinking today when i was talking to ashley, that im
really pretty happy -for me- with how things are going
right now, and thats really cool, but whats even cooler
is that its not at all because of him, its all me.
without him. and thats the best feeling in the world..

we went shopping!! in the coolest mall in the world, in
the coolest store... i spent lots of money but that also
felt amazing, to spend MY money instead of his for a
change, independence... I'LL BE OKAY GIVIN UP LOVE FOR

yay and im going to Rent on Nov 1st with DAWN!! YAYYYYYYY
IM SOO FUCKING EXCITED... i hope i can find someone who
wants to drive to atlanta with me though cus i dont want
to do it alone...

doin it doin it and doin it well

i love it here. haha even when i got sick last night it
didnt make anything any less happy here.. i was too drunk
last night. i hate that. i feel bad for her roommate,
but we got pictures of her tits hell yeah

these boots hurt now. but i still love them. and im guna
go do the tampa thing - the porch smoking and drinking. I

and i dont want her to leave tomorrow. blah.