Random Ramblings Of A Teenager
2003-09-28 02:31:15 (UTC)

All I am is a bundle of mixed-up teenageness

I try and I try but nothing seems to work...

It's so amusing how I'd like to think that I've changed
over the years but I'm still just a confused kid. Sure it's
not all about how can I get to eat Oreos right after I
finished dinner, but it's still the same feeling. As much
as I want Nate to like me... I know he never will. Maybe
it's just something that I can just feel... just know. It's
weird... because I want him so bad. To kiss him and hold
him and be near him. Yet my heart just knows. Maybe it's
because I don't want to wreak our friendship... there has
to be something. Maybe it's because I can just feel that he
likes Katie. But they parted pretty bitterly. I never
really hear him talk about her... but they were really good
friends. Yet it seems like they don't even talk anymore.
And maybe Nate isn't over her... I'd love to think that
maybe I could be the one to help him get over her. But it
would be hard enough for me to ever be in a relationship
yet alone one with complications before it even started.

It seems like I'm just rambling now. And I'm not getting
anywhere in my mind... which is one of the main reasons I
type out my feelings. So I'm just going to go and try and
write everything out of me.

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