Pandora's Box
2003-09-28 01:03:16 (UTC)

Top Ten Reasons Your Guy "Friends" Shouldn't Sleep Over

27 Sept 2003

Okay, so maybe I don't have ten reasons, but I do
have one. It does NOT ease the sexual tension. And someone
will probably tell my roomate when she gets back tomorrow
that I had a guy over; probably someone who saw him leave
this morning. (It'll be like last year all over again.) Or
Reg, the next time he's talking to both of us at the same
time (damn him for stopping by!) and I'll have to explain
the situtation, and why I didn't tell her first. Great.
So, now I don't know what's going on. Wait, to
rephrase: so now I don't know what I want to go on. I
don't know much of anything anymore. I know we probably
should not have kept steering the conversation back
towards our genitals. I also know it's probably not good
that I enjoy smelling him on my pillows. I've
been inhaling him ALL DAY. It makes my knees a little
weak. I don't think this is not good for the friendship.
Maybe it won't make a difference. Maybe it'll just blow
over. Maybe, with a little discipline, I can train myself
not to crave him.
Dammit, when did he get so good looking?