2003-09-27 16:54:23 (UTC)

thespark.com personality test *evilgrin*

(Dominant Introvert Abstract Thinker )

Like just 4% of the population you are an EXPERIMENTER
(DIAT). Although you're slightly shy (admit it!), you love
control. When a problem comes in your way, you stomp on it
swiftly and decisively. You are bothered easily by failure
in others and failure in yourself. You don't like people
that you don't think are intelligent. Rather than arguing
with them, however, you would just as soon ignore them

In relationships, you have a strong heart. And because
you're introverted, people take you as someone they can
trust. But the fact is that in addition to solving
problems, you like to create them. So there's a decent
chance that you'll cheat on a loved one. If you do, you'll
likely get away with it.

You're a good person at heart, but then again, who isn't?