The Nine Faces of Dave
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2003-09-27 06:43:01 (UTC)

my time may come yet

Another Friday night, another mark on the misery board.

So today's been pretty shitty. I woke up around 5:30 in the
morning with horrible nausea and intestinal pains, but that
subsided a bit after I went to the john. When I woke up for
good around 10:15, the room was hotter than piss. All day,
my legs were sore from kendo yesterday, and with my running
this morning I could barely walk for most of the day. This
evening, I did my laundry and slept from 8:00 - 10:40, which
is one of the weirdest naps I've ever taken. To top it all
off, my room smelled like the devil's asshole until no more
than ten minutes ago.

I feel like shit and I'm having no fun. I'm used to having
pretty boring Fridays; after all, I spend an hour on the bus
and I do my laundry, so there isn't much going on during the
day. But at least I feel fine most of the time.

This may be some mild food poisoning from the Chinese food I
ordered last night. It makes me pretty angry; Yummy Garden
has been decent in the past. I'm never ordering from those
assholes again (or at least, not steamed pork dumplings).

The food situation makes me realize how much I miss the food
back home. Around here, I can't get decent vegetables, nor
can I get a high enough protein-to-carbohydrate ratio. The
selection of produce at the campus store is shit, and as for
the dining hall, the best you can hope for is lettuce on the
burgers or maybe some sprouts on your sandwich. It's really
making me consider moving off-campus next year, or ditching
the meal plan at the least.

And speaking of housing, I've already decided that I don't
want to live on the residence quad anymore. I'm thinking a
place in the towers complex would be nice for next year, or
possibly even a place in the area at the far north end. The
quad is fucked up; people talk about the space, but when you
have a roommate with more shit than you, and you have a fair
amount yourself, things get cluttered pretty quick. In some
respects it's not even much of a step up from the freshman
housing; the bathrooms are smaller, and the elevators aren't
around anymore.

Socially, the same old shit's still going on. Suffice it to
say, nothing has changed. This year really isn't living up
to my expectations so far. Considering what I accomplished
over the summer, I expected to glean some benefit this year,
but alas, no such luck.

This was supposed to be the Semester of Dave, following the
Summer of Dave. For once I felt good about myself, and for
once I had some good ideas about what I was going to do with
respect to extracurricular stuff. This was the semester for
branching out and becoming a more well-rounded person. This
would be my time to shine.

And so far that hasn't really happened. I haven't made many
new friends, and a lot of people aren't very friendly. Some
have a downright hostile aura, which is most unpleasant. So
what can I do about it? Who knows.

Then again, it is only September. The year is still young,
so while there is plenty of room for improvement, there also
is plenty of time for it. And that gives me time to improve
myself as well as my situation.

Who knows, maybe things will work out after all. I got on
at the radio station, doing a show Friday nights. We'll see
how this works out; if I'm lucky I can get on the FM station
next semester (or at the end of this one). I don't know if
anyone listens to the campus station much, but there is the
possibility that the right people will listen to me.

I've been told I have a good voice for radio, so this might
be a real leap forward. Who knows, perhaps radio is my true
calling. I could host a show about computer science.

For now, though, I'll focus on finishing my degree.

This is Dave, signing off.