I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-09-27 03:15:06 (UTC)

I Hate My Job

I am going to rent myself out as a friend. Do you need a
friend? Don't have any? Want another one? Than I'm your
gal! Just like any good friend, I won't always agree with
you. And we might get into a fight sometimes. But that's
what friends do. You may chose where we go and what we do.
Like camping? I don't. But I'll canoe with you. Or go bird
watching. Or movies. I love movies. We could go get
coffee, or lunch, or dinner, or any food item you'd like
(but you're buying). We could go on a trip, or go
shopping. I'll tell you if you look fat though. Nicely.
But I'll still tell you.

I'll meet your other friends or if you don't have any help
you make some more of your own. I'll meet your family, or
not as you choose. I'll be your best friend for a very
nominal fee over my regular fee. Good friends don't come

Want me? Give me a call today!


PS-I don't dance