champagne supernova
2003-09-26 23:25:48 (UTC)

flown away

ok carrera ill admitt that damn song is annoying as hell
and its always in our heads and i wanna take her cute
blonde head and shove it in the sand but hey thats a
differnt story! anywho! im back all! finally! courtesy of
angelas dad! he got me a freaking new computer casuse
bobby kinda....*cough* broke it..*cough*.....but hey he had
good intentions!! anywho....yea i ahvent wrote in this
shiznit since august. jon sits behind me in english class
and i wish we could talk more, but i dont know if i could
concentrate and keep from hurling becasue of the sick
minded people that sit next to him!!! they talk
about...."interesting things"....classes are incredibly
easy this year.... i have only 2 required classes.....
great stuff i tell ya i love my first period
teacher..."TURKEY!!" MR. REED IS GOD! ok not god, but a
saint? sure that will work. but im still not used to
having my own room...weird noises and stufff freak me out
in this middle of the night ... oh yea and my room almost
caught on fire last nite! ( a electric outlet exploded )
and there were flames for a second or two...ok word of the
day : crab
phrase of the day: "5-0!! 5-0!!"
song of the day: hehehhe..just for u manny.."so yesterday"