lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2003-09-26 19:42:21 (UTC)

suspension without suspense

we get so far
and then it just starts rewinding
and the same old song
they're playing it again
suspension with suspense
intentions without intent

i've had that song in my head for a good's by no
doubt. i think i have that massive dejavu-like feeling
that everything has already happened and certain days will
be lived 50 times before it's all said and done. i guess
being sick again makes me think...cuz i'm always sick..i
don't even mind it, but i've realized that i've gotten used
to having a cold..i've accepted this new normal...and that
freaks me out.

i was typing a fatty entry but there was a power outage at
school so it all got lost. boo. anyway, this week was a
dream. i spent time with everyone i wanted...

monday: chris came over for dinner
tuesday: youth group with a buncha people
wednesday: juniorhighland with with mal,
meg, and britt like old times. made me happy
thursday: coffee with joe...and we saw ashlee workman,
david stanton, and brian mich.

and i'm in love with "teen girl squad". for serious.