Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-09-26 15:10:10 (UTC)

Be Good To One Another

I'm back in written form to prevent me putting the
computer on, and because Bridge Over Troubled Water is
such a lovely piece of music - and becasue if I go online
I find that another day has gone by without a certain
somebody writing to me, and then I go to sleep unhappy and
have odd dreams.

Today was another direction day, filled in forms, took in
a job application, moved round my room. Watched Keeley
Hawes - age just beginning to wither her, but she is still
gloriously attractive (paper promoting honesty, I see) -
in the Knight's Tale. It was so well done I almost cried.

Then Sam came back with K-PAX, which was a thinker and
good with it, and Evolution which was a throwaway but
equally good.

A-DREAM - Abby off Hollyoaks walks up to me - great legs -
and asks me about the % of my balls that are covered in
hair, and then of my penis. I tell her - don't show her,
she makes a note, thanks me and then goes away.

B-K-PAX - Demonstrating the difference one man can make to
people's lives if they believe in him. Spacey is truly
awesome in it. Good lad, it seems.

C -Evolution - V. funny, v. solid, v. good. Didier -
you'll love this...its got Seann William Scott in it. Yes,
he is.

WILT? Simon And Garfunkel - Baby Driver (Off BOTW)