2003-09-26 04:35:29 (UTC)

So we went out,

nothing special. The only reason I went out with him was
cause he's cute, and he's fun to flirt with. He's an
airhead and it's hard to communicate with him because his
strong accent so those are major downers, but he's a good
kisser. I think. Well, yeah, maybe it's just cause I
haven't gotten any in 2 years. He just wanted to make-out,
and I.. yeah, I just wanted to make out. Cause what else
can you do with a guy like that besides flirt and make out.

I don't understand many things he sais. He sounds like a
woos on the phone, but I enjoy making out with him. He
swallows my whole mouth, which is kinda really sloppy, but
it's okay, cause when he kissed my neck and put his tongue
in my ear it got to me. I knew I'm a pretty easily
exciteable girl, but I didn't know how much.

I do feel a little skanky since I just wanted to make out.
And if we go out again, that's all I'm gonna wanna do,
except I won't wanna seem to sleezy. I know he might say
something at work. It might slip up. At the most. I don't
want people at work thinking I'm easy. And if I ever wanna
break it off I could just dust him and have Chris pretend
to be my boyfriend. That would be sweet