Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
2003-09-25 23:21:52 (UTC)

To Cap it all off

So i havent written for a while and i dont really remember
the last thing i wrote about so bear with me..i am now
butt buddies wit christine lol..i love her to death and am
soo glad that i met her..she makes life here so much
saner..her boyfriend came up last weekend so shes content
lol..i dont remember if i wrote about me and her playin
ping pong (who thought of ping pong?) and now we are the
Hawthorn club and the ESU ping pong so ya umm
Kelly got really pissed when she saw that we drew each
other pictures...oh last nite christines roomie
and this girl Andrea switched but they really werent
allowed to but did anyway so i helped them move their shit
around..Drea's nice were thinkin of gettin a triple in
Lenape next year cuz theyre huge..but kelly keeps talkin
bout us roomin together next year and in like NO!!!
it was funny somehow when i went online yesterday cindy
sent me this chat thing and all my girlz were in
there!! was great talkin to everyone at once but it
was reallyyyy hectic..ya so im always dissin on kelly in
this cuz i cant get enuff of my agression out i
cant look her in face cuz..well trust me its nasty..anyway
she was talkin to me and i didnt wanna like stare at my
plate so i looked up but not up to her face and OMG i saw
it...the mole!!! is sooo gross its like on her neck
and it has 2 hairs..long hairs..shootin out of now
im forever gonna have to stare at my plate lol..umm so ya
and i told her tonite that she has Histrionic Personality
Disorder which is characterized by excessive emotional
reactions and excitability, as well as by the need for
attention..that is soooo kelly seriously gonna
have to start callin her MM cuz shes always lookin over my
shoulder..shes in class now which is why i can write but
im so paranoid that shes gonna look on my comp and find
this site and read one tell her...shhhh..oh and
Rachael i hope u feel better!!!!...

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