Steva's Life
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2003-09-25 19:21:08 (UTC)

Where do you start

Where do you start? How do you seporate the presant from
the past?
How do you deal with all the things that you thought would
That didn't last with bits of memory's scattered here and
there. and look around and don't know where to start,
witch books are yours? witch tapes and Dreams belong to
you and witch are mine, our lives are tangled like the
brances of a vine that intertwine so many habbits that
we'll have to break and yesterdays we'll have to take
apart, One day they'll be a song somthing in the
air again to catch me by surprise and you'll be there
again, a moment in what might have been where do you
start? Do you allow your self a little time to cry or do
you close your eyes and kiss it all goodbye, i guess you
try, and though I don't know where and don't know when i'll
find my self in love again, i promise there will be a
little place that no one will see a tiny part deep in my
heart that stays in love with you. Where do you start?

~~~Bea Arther~~

I credit her, becuase she performed it in her one woman
show... Witch was amazing by the way :-)

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