Nick's Journal
2003-09-25 19:11:11 (UTC)

Tallying up my losses

well toby died on sunday. i know it's pathetic to still
care but i can't help it, i have never EVER suffered such
a great loss. no matter where i go or what i do i feel a
void. it's sickening and the only thing worse than the
feeling of lingering loss is the loneliness accompanied by
it. nobody else feels like i do, some offer sincere
condolences some don't give a shit and some don't know
what to do. fine, but i think it's the realization of
loneliness that has gotten me to appreciate other things.
like the career fair!!!
yes folks, career fair 2003. god what a pathetic piece of
shit. apparently ALL companies now have decided that
personal interaction is the absolute most tedious and
annoying aspect of hiring.....well people! so how about
you just put your digital copy of a resume up on our
website and we'll pick you from the pool of drones at our
leisure? ok? bye bye now, take care.
what i don't get is that people still act fake all over
the damn place, that god-forsaken fake laugh. what is it
with these recruiters? do they actually think that they
are funny? you aren't! that's why i crack the smile with
the left side of my mouth (a sign of sadistic pleasure).
jesus, i did fine for about 2 companies, then my cyncism
crawled over me like a jew on a dollar bill.
oh man and don't tell them racist jokes to lighten things
up! man they have no sense of humor! especially if
they're black...oooooooooo boy!
anyhow i can't quite understand the merit of these fairs