Steva's Life
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2003-09-25 19:03:03 (UTC)

I never thought

I never thought that somoene could hurt someone so much
I never thought that i could feel like this its such
A terrable feeling
To be stealing
The lights of our time
Of all the time we dine
Together with live in such a world Of hate
To wish that we could clean the slait
To hope and wish that people would listen to you
Yet they just go and sue?
Sitting here with a tear
Jumping off the pier
To wanting to have a friend
To wanting to spend
All the time without
and just to pout
becuase all you can do it doubt
Beucase you don't know if you have a friend
to spend
The time that you want with
to spiff
your self up to the point of no return.

~~Stephen Miller (C) 2002

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