Steva's Life
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2003-09-25 19:01:42 (UTC)

How can you love someone so much?

How can you love somoene so much
But still be in such
a state of shock
so you take a walk
around the block
to see what's in store for you
All you see is the Blue
Of the sky
and the red of the tree's, becuase that's your heart, and
your heart is Huge,
You are the one i turn to
When ever my flame stops burning
You are always on my side
For each and ever Bride
You Come running to me to hug me
You are the one i love with all of my heart
You are so smart
You have one of the biggest Hearts on the earth
I love you
You love me
-Stephen Miller (C)
April 06, 2003
"Written for Lindsey M."
I love you Lili!