2003-09-25 03:08:06 (UTC)

i am flying away

I'm flying away to Hilo, Hawaii. From what I read it is a
beautiful non-touristy town where it rains almost
constantly. It's right on the bay and there are rivers,
caves, waterfalls and unusual tropical trees about the
place. So my mission will be to find a place to sleep at
night (being an idealist I fully expect some nice hippies
to adopt me into their nice hippy community). Housing costs
are much cheaper than they are here at something like 600 a
month for a two bedroom house. My next mission will be to
find a job, preferably in a coffee house or some such place
where I can get free food, because food there is expensive.
My mother just said exactly these words through my bedroom
door: "Demetra? We are going to leave the toilet seats down
and the sink plugs down so the ghost can't get in through
the plumbing." I stopped writing with a mocking and amused
expression and then laughed loudly.
The feng shui consultant next door and her family claim
that a "ghost" is haunting them, and my mother awoke to
strange sounds at 5 AM. Why on earth would a ghost haunt
one half of a 17 year old townhouse in Rohnert Park where
no one has ever died? This is ridiculous and funny.
I got a small green and yellow plaid suitcase for a dollar
that will fit about a week's worth of clothing( mostly
dresses, some I made), a journal/sketchbook and some art
supplies. With this I will begin my new incarnation in
My challenge for now is to get an airplane ticket. I don't
have a credit card, so I'll have to either get someone to
help me or go to the airport in person. I can't expect
either of my parents to support me in this by letting my
use their credit card online and paying them in cash. I
also don't know how long I have to book a flight in advance
because it is concievable that I could buy my ticket the
same day I take off. If you know, please let me know also.

Love, Dem

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