Matt's Sex Journal
2003-09-25 02:46:11 (UTC)

Update on Life 9-24-03

This is a copy of an email I sent to my sister Katie, who's
studying abroad in Italy.

I haven't talked to you in forever so I thought I'd give
you an update on my side of the world.

Last year, things went fairly well academically and
horribly with the ladies. Now, it's flip flopped.

My classes are really hard this semester. Actually, I have
2 easy and fun classes (Oceanography and Creative Writing)
and 2 shitty classes (British Literature and Writing for
the Arts & Humanities). I pretty much hateBritish
Literature. The professor is a jerk. He thoroughly raped my
paper I just did. I might have to drop the class. The
Writing class isn't hard, I guess. It's just a lot of work.
I only have class 3 days a week, but I work the other 2

I bet when I told you things were going well with the
ladies, that's what you wanted to hear first. I figured I'd
leave you in suspense while you read boring stuff about my
classes. Well, I'm not gonna tell about my girl situation
just yet. So let's talk about the frat.

This semester we are absolutely insane, in a good way. We
now have over 100 members. That's more than every other
fraternity at USC. We're having parties every weekend. It's
really nuts. Football games are so much fun, especially
because we're #3 in the nation. I don't know if you'll ever
get to see a game over there, but be on the lookout for us
on TV if you do.

Last semester, I was in charge of our big party, ZBTahiti.
Now I'm the brotherhood development director. I plan events
that establish good brotherhood and stuff like that. I'll
buy a big block of tickets to a Kings or Clippers game and
we'll all roll there, or we'll go see a TV taping. I like
to do easy events like Beer Pong Tournament or something
like that. Next month we're seeing The Best Damn Sports
Show Period.

I just bought my plane tickets for Notre Dame last night,
but I don't have a game ticket, and neither does Dad or
anybody else. The USC ticket office totally fucked over the
students, so we're gonna utitlize connections or scalpers
to get tickets. I've been taking a lot of pictures lately.
Here's a link to all my albums:

Okay, now to the juicy stuff. I met this girl Emily over
the summer. We both frequented the local bar, and one night
we somehow got intorduced and she ended up asking me for my
number. It was so cool. That had never happened to me
before. When school started, I asked her to invite. Invite
is when all the guys in the frat get dates and then rent
out a club/bar and go dancing. We had a great time
there, ;) Then, last Friday, she asked me to come to her
sorority's event where they rent out the local bar. Again,
we had a great time there. The next day on Saturday, we had
a party. That night, we had the best time of all. We
haven't had "the talk" yet. It kinda sucks because we won't
see each other for another week. We're both really busy and
I'm going up to Berkeley this weekend for the football
game. So who knows what this time apart will do?

After all this crap I forgot to tell you about her. Her
name is Emily Schwarz. I've already made the Spaceballs
reference to her countless times, but it's still funny
everytime I say it. She's about my height, an average body,
and Jewish. She's from somewhere in Arizona. I'm fairly
certain I like her a lot, and want a relationship. I don't
know what her stance is, because I can't read minds...yet.