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2003-09-24 22:55:39 (UTC)


im upset.

this guy at work, peter. the really sweet dorky fat old
guy. he was so nice, he was gay and we'd talk and he was
so cool. they fired him today. because he had 5 criminal
charges on his record when they did his background check..
i dont know for what.

but im upset. i was shocked. and. i dont know. i mean,
it could have been no big deal. but 5, and for them to
fire him for it. i dont know.

i have to call tasha, her computer is in storage cus she
just moved and i have to fill something out for her
online.. she wanted to give me $40 to do it. i was like no
way. if it was someone i didnt like. and she bought me
lunch today i didnt even want to go anywhere but courtney
wanted to and i was like i REALLY dont want anything but
she bought me food anyway. and i threw it up. it was
greasy and i havent eaten that much in awhile.

i dont feel very good. i have a ton to do.. but i really
need a nap.

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