My Party Life
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2003-09-24 21:02:28 (UTC)


I think I found the person I want to spend my life with. I
know it's not easy to find someone like that but to tell
you the truth, it was love at first sight. All this time
I've been going gaga over someone on the internet when my
soulmate was right down the street from me in front of my
face! Anyway I've known him since I was twelve and I'm
fourteen now. His twin sister Caitlin (which is a good
friend to me and my sis) lives down the street from me. I
first realized my like for him when they came into the
house and I was thinking "Wow he looks better than his
sister and plus out of all the people that is here, he
seems to shine out." He asked me how old I was and I said
twelve because my birthday didn't come up. I felt so
stupid that I was young! Anyway his voice was very y and
I went to bed thinking about him. All that summer I
walked my dog around his way so I can get a look at him and
see him talk to his friends. Now, a year later when I'm
fourteen (remember I was going to be thirteen that year) I
see him again and is love all over again. He said he likes
me too! I am always nervous and scared around him though.
I can't keep eye contact with him at all, and when he
hugged me...I almost fainted. I want him to be mine and
mine only. He lives closer to his school now and comes
back to his real house on weekends or holidays. I miss him
alot and I got his picture and a chain he gave me. He told
the truth said he was a cheater but if I go with him he
would never cheat on me cause he really likes me! :) And
also I like his style. His personality is sooooo y and
he has a certain roughness to him that makes me want to
scream loudly. I still don't go with him yet! I'm so
stupid I always freeze up and never ask him out :'(.
Anyway ta-ta I have to go....By the way, his name is Chris.