Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2003-09-24 19:22:46 (UTC)

i know, i know....

yes...tie the knot, kick the me, hate me or
just plain loathe me...regardless i decided to stop by. Last
weekend i watched crazy movies that made me glad im not
strung out on drugs, but instead jeans...if i don't buy a
pair within an alotted amount of time, i start to sweat and
get headaches and throw up, so to feed the beast i bought of
pair of PAPER DEMIN jeans which i like alot. Tons of new much i can't give anything aproper listen...Jet,
the Format, Saves the Day, Ima Robot, Outkast, the thrills,
the rapture, cooper temple clause, a perfect circle and
andrew wk. Jodi (my gf) just got back from London, she went
to a hair show, and spent ridiculous amounts of money on
clothes. She brought me back a new diesel watch, i couldn't
be happier. Today i get inked...7pm is go time and i will be
needled shortly there after. Im getting a pirate ship, you
know pirates were easily the first true rockers.I guess they
should be looked at as semi-rockin'-role models. I just
choose not to steal and hump misc.
sounds tempting...but no. I forgot to mention that i worked
manual labor with jon last week, which wasn't competely
terrible...but restored the overwhelming feeling of suck i
always new maual labor posessed. that's all for now. take care