2003-09-24 14:21:25 (UTC)

Come on feel the noise,

girls rock your boys!
we'll get wild, wild, wild.

Hahaha I havent heard this in forever.

I had more weird dreams... my iguana again... what the
fuck... but I was at school... and I saw this hot girl with
a pink truck like light pink and she was wearing a cannibal
corpse shirt and i left my keys at home... and i was like
can i get a ride? and she was like sure lets try to find
your keys first so we were walking around and all of a
sudden richard's next to me and i'm like hey... and then a
bunch of people from high school walked up, katie and erica
and saima and gus and a whole bunch of people and they were
all in a big hug circle thing and it was this big chaos
they were singing and spinning around and matt walked by
and i tried to get away from richard and i got caught up in
the dancing mass of people and he was like please, please
talk to me, i remember he had fishnets on, and matt was
looking so i ignored him... when it was over the hot girl
and her boyfriend and me were walking away and we walked by
erica and i was screaming you stupid fucking cunt i fucking
hate you and she just kept walking with the smirk... so we
go to corpse girl's house. and she's like we have to light
this fire first. under this tree. and im like i dont
think thats a good idea. and shes like we have to. so we
did. and then i was looking at all these pictures she had
of me, i didnt know her, but i was in this thing that was
like a pool but it had shallow benchs all around it, shaped
funny, with a cave... and there were all these pictures of
me... and then georgina came over... to see the puppy...
and my iguana FREAKED out, he was really big again and i
was scared to death of him... and oh yeah there was a
presentation Mr. Haugrud was doing at valencia i was
supposed to go to with Juan and Ricky, and we were sitting
outside school talking about it.. and then I was driving
and there was this car ahead of me, and it pulled into the
marketplace sharply and a cop followed him and i was
watching and i was going to this pet store, so i tried to
make sure they werent coming in, and i went to the
bathroom and this girl from high school was in there blow
drying her hair and i was really scared they would come in,
and then robin was there too and we were going to pee but
the stalls were insanely small and cramped and so i left
the door open while i went but she didnt want to go because
it was so uncomfortable, when we went back out into the pet
store, this drag queen was there working, and caroline
was talking to him and she was like "he used to work at
lexmark" and i was like oh i dont remember and she got
mad.. (((i think thats cus yesterday. i was sitting at work
thinking oh my god i miss lexmark. i miss seeing her every
other day even though we'd smoke and she'd piss me off
almost every day... but i miss that job.. anyway ...))))
these are all just bits and pieces i remember none of it
flows together well....

ugh.. well i'm rushed. here goes another day! but i
might see her later. so yay.