Brad`s Journal
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2003-09-24 02:20:23 (UTC)

My new Job

Well lets see I got a new job I am a Armored car Messenger
which is exactly what it sounds like. I deal with money
lots of money everyday. I drive the Armored truck. I live
in Ohio and My job is in Michigan about an Hour away. So
let me take you through one day of work for me.

4:00am Wake up and take shower, brush teeth, and get

5:00-5:30am Leave for work

6:30am Arrive at work and punch in

6:45am get all the money in the truck and load it up.

7:00am Leave the base I can travel anywhere from 200-400
miles a day. It depends on the route I have that day. I
have been everywhere in Michigan. Lansing, Jackson,
Farmington hills, Ann Arbor, I have been in the Ghetto
which lets just say it`s a good thing that we get carry
guns. It`s not as easy as people make it out to be. Thank
fully no one has shot at me yet. Anyway where was I?

4:45-6:00 Arive Back at base get everything situated. and
punch out and leave for the day. ( Between the hours of
7:00am and whatever time we get back I am driving Non stop
all over Michigan)

Then I get to drive all the back to Ohio after work so
thats another hour. So if you think about it I`m putting in
12-16 hrs a day. It`s a good thing that I`m making what I`m
making. But the best part is that I get to do the whole
thing all over again the next day!!


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