Brad`s Journal
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2003-09-24 02:05:53 (UTC)

One of My biggest fears

Wow it seems like I have not wrote in here forever. Well I
have a few things on my mind so I thought I would write
them down. First thing that I want to talk about is Death.
For some strange reason lately I have been thinking about
Death. Not in the sense where I want to kill myself because
that if farthest from my mind. No I have been thinking what
is life like after you die? Are we still in human form?
Are we able to speak to one another like we can do on
earth? I have been told that Life after death is just
peaceful and relaxing. However others I have talked to say
that they are not sure what it’s like. I would have to wait
until I die to find out what life is like after death. Well
there is one problem with that. I don’t want to die. Now I
know no one wants to die But I really mean it. I have a
fear of dying. It scares me to death. I’m not sure exactly
why. Maybe it’s because I don’t want the friendships that
I’ve made on earth to end. Maybe I’m afraid that when I die
all the friends I have made while on earth will never been
seen again. Maybe there is another reason why I am so
afraid of dying. I know one day that I will die. But I know
that I will be afraid of dying until I actually die then I
won’t have any other option of dying or being afraid of
dying. I have also thought that our lives go completely
black when we die. That we are never to see or hear or
anything ever again. Other questions I have asked myself
are. What is heaven like? Is it what everyone thinks it is?
Is it all peaceful and people have no worries?? I’m not
sure of any of these answers but I know one thing. That is
that I have a major fear of dying. Maybe I’m being stupid?
But it’s a fear that one day I know I will have to face.
When that day comes I will know all the answers to my