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2003-09-24 01:55:35 (UTC)

Its all happening so fast

Well last time i wrote to you peoples i had found
someone...well we didn't get married in august...that would
have been too quick. we had decided to wait until next
april but then i found out the i am pregnant and we want
the baby on his insurance so we decided on getting married
in october...still a little too soon for me but oh well...i
guess it doesn't matter when you get married to the one you
love. Its a big step for me i mean i never dreamt of
myself being pregnant at 18 almost 19, and marrying someone
with 2 kids already..sometimes i feel like i am tied this week he has school to go to in ontario and
i wanna go...but he says that i can't because he doesn't
want the kids to stay with their aunt, they need a mom
there with them and its only one night....we will be back
on friday. sometimes i just feel like i can't do anything
anymore...we are limited on money since i am going back to
school for a little while to be a certified pre-school
teacher. i am just frustrated on what to do anymore...i
wanna do stuff but its like i can't....i never go anywhere
hardly anymore...only when we get invited by my parents or
we have to wait until the kids are gone...i stay home all
day (cuz school doesn't start til january) and do nothing
til he gets home...then i cook dinner and put the kids to
bed, then watch tv til i fall asleep. if anyone has any
advice that reads this please fill me in.


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