DayDream Believer
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2003-09-23 16:09:49 (UTC)

Fall in New York

They say its something special with the fall in New York,
wel I dunno, I havent been there yet, but I`ve told myself
that one day I will, one fine day.
But the fall comes everywhere, even here and it cough me
Im trying my best to only let it tuch me the good ways, but
also the negative things about the fall have hit me- agen.
I can se it on the weather, its reaining all the time, Im
frezing even inside, my mood is change, Im starting to
think about all those things I cant belive I`ve thought
about during spring and winter, but now those thoughs have
I got enught mony to go, I could go somewhere hot, but ny
is the destination of my dreams, but I just cant seem to be
able to let my self go, first of all because of all the
lecures I would miss. I havent missed one so far, some of
them are really early, like 8.15 and sometimes you have to
be there 30 minutes before to make sure you get a set (well
it used to be like that, it was verry crowded in the
auditoty and only those who got a place to sit got to sat,
those sitting in the sairs had to leave bacause of fire
disrictions, but now not that manny manage to get up in the
mornings so there are even a lot of seats left)

Today I was spending the night home (without Tommy- long
story) and I had to get up at 05.30, it was raining and
dark outside when I went to the buss but that could not
keep me home, like it does to many other students.

I have a lot to write about university life, but I`ll do
that a nother day.

I want to talk to you about a nother dark thing, a verry,
verry dark-dark thing.
Me and Tommy had a fight, but everything was fixed up and
he was sleeping in my bed, holding around me when I sleept
(witch I love) and everything was just fine-fine between
us. You know, the best time in a relationship is afther a
fight been solved out.
There I was, nice good bet, his body varming me, bouth
naked, and guess what I did?
Me smart ass had a dream about Chris!!
How lame is that???
I even feel quit and diskust when I wake uo, here I was
heving the best time with Tommy and dreamning about Chris.
I cant controll what I dream, sorry, but if its to any
comfort he was the same jerk in my dream as in reality.
We where walking (hopefully this has nothing to do with a
certan mile) is this city, and in reality Im not aloud to
se Chris cause then Tommy wil break up with me, wich I
totaly understand.
He was in a hurry cause he was going to see a nother girl
afther me, and that gave me the feeling he used to do.

But now I`ll have to go, its movie time with Tommy. We`re
going to the cinema on the first show of a new norwegian


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