The Nine Faces of Dave
2003-09-23 14:59:55 (UTC)

one building crumbles, another lays its foundation

****** Please note: this was written on Monday, Sept. 22nd,
****** but the submission script was not working.

Since my last entry, I've finished my CS project and linear
algebra homework for the week. So I've bought myself just a
bit of precious time.

The workshop situation has become increasingly hazardous as
of this afternoon. On instruction from the people in charge
of workshops, I launched an investigation, which consisted
of calling my people and finding out what the story was. So
far I've heard from two of them, and they have both dropped
the course. That leaves me with one person, who has yet to
get back to me.

The situation isn't looking good. Unless I get some people
in my section, I may well lose this gig, if not immediately
then by next semester. It may take some clever maneuvering
on my part to come out of this relatively unscathed. We'll
see how this plays out.

Kendo is dangerously close to falling apart, due largely to
dissent among the officers. One officer left, another hates
the club president, and another is sick of getting dumped on
as far as club work goes. The president is pulling quite a
few shady stunts, like trying to get somebody to go to some
meeting in his stead. Furthermore, the rank-and-file, as it
were, are getting discouraged by what's gone on as of late.
It's a pretty big mess, and I may be forced to get off this
sinking ship if we can't patch the holes in time.

Yesterday I went for a brief training session at the campus
radio station, and if I play my cards right, I might be able
to get some pretty cool stuff going on. They'd start me on
the AM station, which doesn't actually broadcast, but if all
goes well I might be able to move up to FM next semester or
something. It could be righteously fun, assuming I can find
the time for it.

Not much else has changed, though I did decide to listen to
NWA now. Started with "Fuck Tha Police," and right now I'm
waiting on a few more tracks. It's time to finally make the
jump into the heart of old-school rap and really see how it
works for me. If nothing else I might be able to make some
people's heads explode a la Scanners with the sheer force of
contradiction brought on by my listening habits.

I've also decided to look into creating some form of techno,
except with strictly acoustic instruments. I think "Techno
Unplugged" would be a fine name for it. It would be doable
with some steel drums, pedal steel guitar, piano, maybe some
bagpipes, and all that. The concept probably wouldn't sell
very well, but it would still be funny.

Now I just have to find one hell of a drummer.

This is Dave, signing off.