Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2003-09-23 04:27:53 (UTC)

and we're back

ok so we have been in the studio recording 2 new songs and
while we were there we found out we needed to be at 96
rock for an interview. So Ben, Clay, and I went and shot
the "s" with English Nick and Dan and promoted our show.
This was Clay's 1st time on the air. He did great. And i
am glad he was there he is great guy. I have been blessed
to have played with the best drummers in the world. You
want to hear how great my life is? I live in a dope house,
I get to have music before it's out, and see movie before
they are out (they are upstairs watching "Pirates of the
Carriabean" which isn't on DVD yet) I have the best band,
and the best girlfriend(just to name a few things). I know
my band is going to be signed. And well, I am in LOVE. She
is on her way tocome get me. YAY! Rufus Wainwright album
comes out tomorrow and what I have heard of it is
nothingless of amazing. I am jealous of his talent (not
his gayness). Anywhos well I must finish checking mail and
then get ready to leave. much love.
music: is Jet will be Rufus Wainwright
movie: Spun
book: do I even have to say?