Under the starless L.A. sky
2003-09-22 19:36:54 (UTC)


Hear I am again, in pain, missing, longing. It's a slow
death, these remembered feeling of love. Of lust. Of
together…even though I say I'm through a piece of me, like
a splinter that stabs to the center of my heart, wants her
to return to me, to want me again. Ahhh! What wicked pain,
what tempest of sorrow spinning in my chest. Wanting to
burst out of my mouth, my eyes my fuckin mind like a
hurricane to take away from myself this pain and anguish
and throw it upon the earth, like a child with a broken
toy, a man late in traffic, a woman missing. And even with
what I feel I want to lash out at her, but I cannot, I
cannot be angry, only sorrowful....fucken bitch! Scorned
for a wealthy junkie. God that hurts to know that because
of poverty love that was returned is withdrawn, that the
desire to be a kept woman overpowers all else. Now, I cry.
truth is hear, she will never be mine. How could someone
who is so shallow hold me entranced in her eyes taking up a
place to dwell in my heart only to burn it down.