purple star

Never once spoken
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2003-09-22 07:14:05 (UTC)


her mind wandered as the words were spoken. the mind is a
powerful thing. she can see the memories clearer than
water. why didnt she address it then? was it because she
knew the answer but was hiding it from herself? or was it
because she was so enthralled in the then that her head was
swimming farther and farther away by the second? why was
the attempt to address it brought forth? why did she avoid
it? and why out of everyone, was she the only one who
cared for her that night? sickness.

her mind is tearing her apart. piece by piece she looses
strength. ask her in a month. where is she now? someday
there will be no pieces left. to tear apart. get a gun.
if you're serious, buy a gun and get rid of it that way.
life. advice. hypothetical. she goes out of town in two
weeks. temptation overcomes and she borrows a gun for 45
seconds. the last thing felt is the ripping and tearing of
the remaining piece. and the warm blood like a river.