Pandora's Box
2003-09-22 05:20:28 (UTC)


21 Sept 2003

Why do I talk to my parents? Will I ever learn? These
people are driving me to drink! Why must everything be an
argument? Why do they insist on having conversations, at
length, about my bad habits? I'm 20, I don't know where
they think these habits came from. Who taught me my
spending habits? They did. Work habits? Them. Eating,
sleeping, my being constantly late? Learned it all at
home. I haven't really changed all that much since high
school (and the ways I have, I don't know that they'd
wanna hear about...I'm laughing just thinking about the
potential of that conversation). I just want to move away,
to someplace with no phone...perhaps in a van down by a
river somewhere. UGH! What the fuck is this life?!