Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
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2003-09-22 04:22:12 (UTC)

What a Week...

wow i havent written in here since last monday..ok well my
week was pretty normal..cept for the fact that ive been
hangin out wit my new twin christine a lot lol..cheryl is
my real twin, amanda poop is my "black" twin and christine
is my new whity twin lol..we chilled a lot..ive been
braidin her hair like every nite..classes suck as usual
but i got a job wit laurens mom in the continuing ed
dep..some extra cash which im gonna need cuz my dad got
laid off but her found this really good higher up job that
i hope he gets..soo umm ya missy moved out of erin and
kiers room and ive kinda been chillin there but not as
much cuz im always in christines room or shes
here...friday kelly left in the afternoon and christine
and I went to dinner and then played ping pong for like 2
hours..then we went to cheryls room and helped reorganize
erin and kiers room..then went bak to christines room and
made pictures out of construction paper lol..then her
boyfriend came so i slept in erins room cuz kier left and
kelly left and we didnt wanna sleep by ourselves
sat went home cuz cheryl had a doctors app..forgot i didnt
have my liscence and thought i lost it but i found it..we
chilled wit Maris allll day it was great we had so much
fun..i spent like 300 bucks at the cindy says
us NJ girls like expensive things lol..then we went to the
football game to see the band..we got really lost and
cheryl was freakin but we got there in was soo
kewl ms klein like was freakin when she saw us ans mrs
craig was huggin us and the wierdest was mrs morgan like
grabbed us and had a huge smile on her face lol...the
onlee person the didnt like really say hi was mr morgan i
waved to him but that was it..we said hi to most of the
band ppl but felt wierd talkin to em cuz we kno were not
allowed lol..half time was good cept for reandys side kept
messing up..jenny sichel is really good then we
were drivin home singin really loud and i almost lost my
voice lol..went to applegates cuz i was told pete was
workin and was like WTF and he was so later i went out wit
kate and we went to applegates again..then next day ran
some errands and now bak at ESU...phew long week lol