Euphoric Nothingness
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2003-09-22 01:01:22 (UTC)

My Soldier

Ahhhhh the truck is back home! It's back to where it
needs to be. With me. However, it is a much chaged truck
and I am a much more experienced person.

The truck had to get a completely new dash due to all the
extraneous damage that the burglars did. The latch in the
back also had to be replaced, so I got a whole new back
window. Very different from the original that I was used
to. I also have a brand new stereo (it's nice) but no new
subs. The set up has changed quite a bit from what I had

Driving the truck is a lot different now. The subs used
to take up a lot of room in the back. Now I actually have
leg space (which I am not used to). It's a lot different
to hear the music in there without the subs. It's just
not the same as before. However, I don't think that I
will get new subs. I just don't need them. I was
starting to grow out of them as it was. But there were
some great musical times. There was nothing like
listening to the last half of "Stairway to Heaven" with
those things.

As much as I will miss the truck's old system, I think
that the new one will be good. Over the past year and a
half or so, I have learned that it is the small elements
that sometimes make a song great and they were drowned out
by the loud volume. But I certainly will miss being able
to play "Voodoo Chile" in the UCF parking lot. That was
some great stuff.

The whole experience has taught me a lot. I became more
of an adult through this ordeal. This is just another
obstacle that I am overcoming and I have become better for
it. I am just really hoping that this was a one-time
thing. Hopefully now I can move on and get into the
school groove. I need to build off of the 47/50 Italian
quiz and get some pure momentum and confidence. Some
sleep would help to.

Well this is about all I have to say for now. Until next