The void
2003-09-21 21:44:53 (UTC)


hmmm? the title of this entry! don't ask me! ::rolls eyes::
so i just got back from Tel's house. had a luffly weekend
(quite a soppy one actually) he's coming to my house next
weekend :) yayness! ooh blades on tonight! am taping it!
change of subject,iv'e got a full day at college tomorrow
for fucks sake, i HATE full days.this also means we have to
get into groups in media studies and i know NO ONE!i guess
t's about time i did what i did last year and made myself
talk to random people. that got me some...'friends' well
more annoying people to talk to than friends but it's
better than nothing!and it's someone to work with! mind
you, i'd probably do better on my own :/
I might be getting a job in starbucks, skyes asked her
manager about me, and she seemed keen.hmmm starbucks, can't
really see me working in there but if it means more money
then so be it!
i think i've found the perfect boyfriend :) he's amazing!
goes out of his way to make sure i'm ok, buys me things,
looks after me, loves me,
he'd actually do anything for me.what did i do to deserve
such a lovely boyfriend?!when i look back over the
past 'internet relationships' it really makes me laugh! i
didn't know what love was then, i'd never met those people
except dave, and that was only once and after that once i
suddenly decided i loved him! to be honest i know now that
i didn't love him, i just liked him alot and cared about
him but it wasn't love. this is, this is different, i see
Tel,he's a REAL boyfriend, and a fanastic one at that. i'll
just put it down to being young and foolish!

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