2003-09-21 20:02:36 (UTC)

whenever im down,

i call on you, my friend...

im so excited!! theres a conference in gainesville on oct
11 that i registered for this morning. i signed up for all
these awesome seminars, on curing homophobia over history
or something and hate crimes and theres like 5 of them and
then that night theres a drag king show! im going with
tammy and sebastien. and i'll get to see my kitties!! alli
wants to have a party that night. YAY

i LOVE my puppy. hes so good. he hasnt peed the floor yet
or anything. and he slept with me last night all curled up
against me. it will be so hard leaving him tomorrow.
every time i walk out of a room he follows me or starts
crying if he cant find me. =(

i bought some clothes. for work. and a new hat. hehe

washed my car... cleaning my room.. i have a ton of
homework for later, too. and i need to go to the store and
buy some salad.

i want a little nap. just a little one, i got up early.