Dave's Mental Meanderings
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2003-09-21 08:50:46 (UTC)

Poem - "As Long As I Can"

The trees in the road are a grim reminder
Of the hurricane winds and rain,
I had to get out of the house today
To keep from going insane.
Down suburbia's winding roads
And ready to have some fun,
Doing things in that green minivan
That were never meant to be done.
Down in the city, along the canal,
Then up the pedestrian ramp,
Across the bridge to the island that housed
A Confederate prison camp.
The path underfoot has felt my two feet
Hundreds of times before,
But with the sun overhead I carefully tread
Like a stranger on foreign shores.
People with children and people on bikes
And people with cameras in hand,
The snapping of shutters seems to clutter
What photographers can't understand.
"My pen is my lens," I say to my friends
As I scratch away at a page,
It reflects the scene and stores it away
While the flood waters ripple and rage.
I can capture the aural as well as the visual
And even the olfactory,
I can't help but smile as I glance down the river
At the abandoned ol' factory.
It seems ironic to revel in life
On this island where thousands have died,
Brimming with beauty that grows from the ground
Where brave Union soldiers reside.
What began with intentions of a poem for you
Has turned into senseless reflection,
But my mind is adrift and spirits are lifted
And rambling needs no direction.
And yet as I write, I know that tonight
My heart will grow weary and sore,
The imagined sound of your sweet voice will haunt me
Like ghosts of the Civil War.
But for now all is well and I'm feeling swell
And I've got all I need here at hand,
So I'll puff on my pipe and sing to the sky
And smile as long as I can.

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