Book of Suicide
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2003-09-21 02:04:59 (UTC)

silky lips

truth caught in misery
a swirl of misconceptions
muddled in whisky
my only real weapon

trying to forget your face
the pain you brought with your silky lips
the shadowy dark places
where you granted me one deadly kiss

my veins are only blurs
blood dripping down my wrist
swept up inside your curse
the color of your silky lips

sinking deeper, engulfed in music
blocking out the pain and ache
anger stirring, gunna lose it
and the razor continues to rake

you rip the wound open
those merciless silky lips
now blood soaks them
your eyes become eclipsed

numbed by alcohol and thoughts
i pass on into utter lonliness
your silky lips are forgot
the world and its phoniness

but i think of all the nights i cried
wondering what happened to me
wondering where was my bride
i wonder why must i be lonely

your silky blood red lips return
your cloudy white pale skin
but your eyes still burn
and once more i give in