The crazy world of me
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2003-09-20 19:36:25 (UTC)


So I just read almost all my entries. I used to have
some serious issues. I am not going to say I am the
happiest person in the world right now because I have my
moments but I was like about to loose it not to long ago.
I was really messed up. So I learned that weed is not
addictive. At least it wasn't for me. I just stopped
smoking one day and it didn't bother me what so ever. I
still smoke every once in a while but not for real. i
can't get over how much I have changed it is just so
crazy. I went through all kinds of stages in life in such
a short period of time. I was feeling crappie last night
but I am okay now. Ricky is really started to piss me off
though. It's the same old shit with him over and over. By
the way him and I are like together now. I know you are
all thinking I am fucking stupid but there was a lot that
happened over the summer that just changed everything. I
don't know why I never got over the kid but we are together
now. I think that he is the one that made me change so
much. Not like made me change because he wanted me to but
I think that him being in my life just made me think of
things and the way I want them to be. Anyway. So I have
this fish. My tank has a disease or something in it and I
had like 6 fish five of them have died but the smallest
fish is till fucking kicking. His punk ass ain't ever
going to die. I think I am just going to get him his own
tank. Oh I never told you guys that I got a car. Yeah had
it for like 3 week and the mother fucking mirror gets
ripped off it. What the fuck kind of luck is that. I have
the worst luck in the world I swear. It is going to cost
me all kinds of money to fix that shit. O'well it has to
be done. So I went to see Ricky in it with his friend
Tyrell like 3 weeks ago. That was interesting. I got so
messed up when I was down there and then ended up getting
sick. I have been getting sick off and on a lot for a long
time now. I went to the doctor about getting birth
control and all that good stuff. Well, I am going to go.

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