2003-09-20 07:08:23 (UTC)

well it wasnt that bad.. there..

well it wasnt that bad.. there were some aspects of it that
i really liked and others that were pretty dull.. it was
basically a story of this crazy girl and her boyfriend and
his wacky friend... my story is better... one day it will
be the #1 movie in america. and the #1 book. and i will
take my millions in profits, move to a huge house in the
mountains with my daughter and girlfriend and be very happy.

but anyway. poor bastard stayed out past 3 for me.. i know
how he hates being out late. late for him is like. 1230.
and hes trying so hard, is this how its felt to be on his
side of it this whole time? how did he live with himself?

anyway i thought about her several times tonight. i need
to clear my mind.. and shop... tomorrow my plan is, to wash
and clean my car, have him tint it hopefully, then go a
little bit shopping, maybe even get a hair cut. not cut
like i'd like, i mean trim. its been about a year since
i've done that. i started at lexmark over a year ago... i
remember. RIGHT before i started. i met with her on her
break out under that tree past the smoking area. and i
wanted so badly to tell her that i missed her.. anyway well
wow. time just goes by so quickly. i was thinking that on
the way home. we drove by dr phillips and i was like. im
already in my second year of college. i remember freshman
year perfectly.

which reminds me i talked to ashley again tonight=) she
said she was really proud of me and it made me happy. and
i want to go see her soon, if i have the time and energy.

i guess i should go to bed since i have a lot i want to do
tomorrow. im not tired but. who cares i know i'll fall
asleep. i should work on the story of my life. maybe