2003-09-20 02:03:05 (UTC)

she gave you everything she had,

but she was young and dumb...

[9:29 PM]: hey baby girl =)
LaDiDaGrl [9:29 PM]: hey=)
[9:29 PM]: are you doing okay?
[9:29 PM]: =).
LaDiDaGrl [9:29 PM]: yeah i guess
LaDiDaGrl [9:29 PM]: you?
[9:30 PM]: yeah im okay
[9:30 PM]: things are so weird all the
time lol
[9:30 PM]: im done with that. you know.
[9:31 PM]: i want structure.
LaDiDaGrl [9:31 PM]: hehe yeah
[9:31 PM]: what the fuck happened to
[9:31 PM]: lol
[9:31 PM]: whatever.
[9:31 PM]: i miss you man.
[9:31 PM]: come over.
[9:31 PM]: we can get drunk and play in
my bed =) and ill make you breakfast. i love you so much. =)
LaDiDaGrl [9:32 PM]: LOL
LaDiDaGrl [9:32 PM]: i'll come see you soon, i want to
[9:32 PM]: good. because i want you here.
[9:33 PM]: =) but its time for me to
[9:33 PM]: i just wanted to tell you
that i love you
[9:33 PM]: because i do
[9:33 PM]: bye baby =)

i love that girl.. i always feel so much better after i see
her or talk to her or spend time with her. i wish she
would have said "Come down" last night, I would have gone

carolines on friendster lol yay... some people were mean to
her at work. =( fuck people man.

i may be mad, i may be blind, i may be viciously unkind,
but i can still read what youre thinking..
lets go down to the waters edge, and we can cast away those
some things are better left unsaid, but they still turn me
inside out.

its so hard.

well. i better take a shower and smoke one. or two. i
never got a nap. oh well. i feel a little better now.
damn but i really wish i went to tampa i've been wanting to
see her and im afraid next weekend i'll be too tired and
stressed and too much to do.. well. anyway. too late now.