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2003-09-20 00:31:47 (UTC)


this boy IMed me and before i had a chance to go off on him
(like all the FacetheJury boys) he was like all im
depressed and i need to talk to someone
so i've been doing that.
its weird. i was annoyed at first but now im just like
frustrated because i dont know what to say.

why cant everyone just be happy?

i wanted to call her just now. but i cant shes at work and
i dont even know when im guna see her.

i had an evaluation today with lisa - she said its fine
about next week!! yay. she really likes me =) she always
hugs me and says sweet things, im her favorite. lol im
glad im on her good side. but i want her baby!!! =(
everytime i look at her belly i get so jealous.

tasha almost left today.. she was like give me your number
girl fuck this shit but then i waited for her outside and
talked her out of it and lisa talked her out of it so we
went to lunch and she stayed and i was happy about that.

i found those little vials of blood. weird.

i paid my cell phone and car insurance today!! yay.

and im guna go a little bit shopping this weekend. mostly
im going to try to save but i need a little bit of work

i have a lot to do this weekend.. because i dont need
anything extra to do this week. so cleaning, work clothes
ready, homework, clean car, clean tetris's cage.. buy a
tape recorder.. i really want one and i keep forgetting..
im hoping dickface'll pay to tint my car tomorrow or
sunday. lol. if i have any extra time i'm guna finish
sewing some things i started on.

yeah. i'm guna take a shower and a nap. i have to go to
this damn movie in a couple hours.. well. if im nice to
him he'll buy me stuf. i dont even have to be that nice.


I just want to run away. to a place where its cold all
year and I can have kittens and puppies and everything
purple and I wont have to see any mean people or be alone
ever and I WANT HER TO COME WITH ME i dont know what this
is about suddenly i feel like im going to explode with
loneliness i want to go back i want a girlfriend again