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2003-09-19 23:14:55 (UTC)

relationship addictions.

1. You become sexually involved with and/or emotionally
attached to a person without taking the time to get to know
him or her.

2. You fear abandonment & loneliness, causing you stay in
and return to painful, destructive and abusive

3. You involve yourself in more than one relationship at a
time, both emotionally & sexually.

4. You confuse love with obsession, using controlling
behaviors directed towards your partner(s) with the hope of
keeping him or her from leaving you.

5. You feel empty inside, even while in a relationship,
causing you to search for new love interests.

6. You spend money you don't have on a romantic interest,
causing you to go into debt.

7. You use sex & emotional involvement to manipulate and
control others.

8. You become preoccupied with a romatic interest and are
unable to concentrate.

9. You attach yourself to emotionally unavailable people
and/or abusive partners.

10. You compulsively search for new relationships - even if
you currently in one.

11. You obsess over, monitor and perhaps stalk the object
of your affection.

12. You assign unrealistic qualities to those you are
attraced to, believing they can bring you happiness
and "save" you from your loneliness.

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