Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2003-09-19 18:49:37 (UTC)

freaky friday

well, it's not really freaky
just one of those days
where everything just
seems to have been
thrust in front of me like
some looming bus...

what to do, what to do

i should probably clean
up my place, sweep up
lol, ack i hate cleaning
but then who really does

Underworld comes out
today, i shall see that
even though the barage
of trailers for it have made
me want to throw up

no concerts worth seeing
this weekend, no money
for tix for the comedy club
and no decent plays worth
wasting money on..

heh, only 3 more days
and this diary is 2years
old, seems strange really
that i have pangs of, mmm
anticipation? fear? i don't
know really...


listening to Dido and also to
Alannis Morrisette do nothing
for the contemplative spirit
except bring a sense of both
melancholy and bad memories

oh well..

mm, french toast, yep, gonna
make me some freedom toast!