2003-09-19 14:03:36 (UTC)

idontavertmyeyes [1:04 AM]: ~..

idontavertmyeyes [1:04 AM]: ~ you are walking grace ~ 3

mmmmm i love sleeping in... thats what i should do on early
days too, set my alarm WAAAAYYY earlier so i can say "no
i'm guna sleep in an extra hour" but i still wont be late.

i wonder why cyrana wanted my shoe size. i dont even know
it. its between 7-9 i think.

my mind never stops. i wake up and its like "okay that
fucking alarm is going off should i reach over and turn it
off or let it beep or should i get up but i really want to
go back to sleep whats today oh its friday i get to wear
jeans oh i dont want to see him tonight but i have to
remember i want to braid my hair today and should i reach
over and turn this off or what" and seriously.. it
continues on like that for the rest of the day, often with
more substantial thoughts but. i guess this is sorta what
she was talking about - but are there really people who
arent like that? id like to know what that feels like for
a day. to have an empty mind.

holy shit i fell asleep fast last night. i didnt even feel
that tired anymore, i just knew i had to sleep, and the
last song on my playlist i remember is #2. damn.

I want to get this whole song tattooed across my back.

how to fight loneliness, you smile all the time
shine your teeth to meaningless
and sharpen them with lies

and whatever is going down will you follow around
that's how you fight loneliness

you laugh at every joke
drag your blanket blindly
and fill your heart with smoke

and the first thing that you want
will be the last thing you'll ever need
that's how you fight it

just smile all the time
just smile all the time

this is absolutely my favorite song in the world. and i
love so many. this and i am a rock.

I REALLY REALLY want my next tattoo now though, seriously.

i think its going to be my birthday present to myself.

haha that crazy punk kid from AOL just IMed me. he's like
oh i saw your picture on FTJ but then i remembered that i
know you. ew. he always asks me to go to concerts with
him.. ugh i cant be mean to dorky boys just cocky guy-
guys.. ugh fine give me your fucking number and i'll let
you know. ugh.

I dont WANT to see him tonight. i havent really SEEN him
in like a week. so thats a good sign. but. how did this
"i remember the days when i was so eager to satisfy you and
be less than i was just to prove i could walk beside you"

well guess i gotta run to work. yay i'm guna be so
productive this weekend!! get ready for my busy week!!!